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  • "Write and Self Publish Your Book" is the ultimate source to help you Write and Self Publish Your Book and SELL MORE! Here you will find a bountiful source of FREE information from “Real Experts” in the business of successfully writing, self publishing and marketing books!
  • Meet Our Self Publishing Experts - Dan Poynter of Para, Judy Cullins of Book, John Kremer of, Bill Quain Ph.D of Write Fast Publish Cheap & Sell More,, Lisa Tener of
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  • "Write and Self Publish Your Book" Inbox Magazine was established in June 2011. The motivation behind this publication is to provide an ongoing platform for enabling aspiring authors to self publish and market their works profitably.
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  • Here are some books and courses on writing and book publishing.
  • This page contains links to previous issues of the magazine. This will allow potential subscribers to see previous issues and decide if this magazine would be beneficial to them.

 What's in our Inbox Magazine?

Each of our experts will be sharing in-depth information on writing, self  publishing, marketing and selling your books. This is the real knowledge you need to become a successful self published author.

This is a weekly publication featuring one of our experts. The issue is not full  of ads, but has plenty of how-to info.


What will you find in our

 “Self Publishing Tips”  



Table of Contents


Selecting a Market      

Selecting a Subject      

Writing Your Book      

Deciding How to Self Publish Your Book...      

Selecting a Book Printer      

Selecting a Self Publishing Assistance Company