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"Write and Self Publish Your Book"  Inbox Magazine was established in June 2011.

The motivation behind this publication is to provide an ongoing platform for enabling aspiring authors to self publish and market their works profitably.

John Locke, the first self published author to sell more than 1 million copies of his books on Amazon, said:

"For many years self-published authors have been forced to fight in the traditional arena, a place where we had almost no chance of competing, much less winning. Add to that the stigma self-published authors face that no other business on earth imposes. The general public has been conditioned to believe if you’re self-published your books don’t measure up. And, the media have done all they could to hammer that message home. The phrase “vanity publishing” was almost certainly invented by traditional publishers years ago in order to squash the competition from entrepreneurial authors. It worked. By ridiculing and publicly shaming self-published authors for daring to invest in their own talents and abilities, publishing houses were able to elevate themselves to god-like status. What they’re saying, when an author believes in his abilities to the extent he’s willing to invest his own money to publish a novel, he’s writing purely for his vanity! I have to give credit to the geniuses that came up with this hogwash, because publishing is the only business in the world that has managed to make such a ridiculous notion seem plausible."

One of our goals is to drive the phrases “vanity publishing” and "vanity press" out of existence.

Here at "Write and Self Publish Your Book"  Inbox Magazine's headquarters you can contact Earnie or his staff in a variety of ways:

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 What's in our Inbox Magazine?

Each of our experts will be sharing in-depth information on writing, self  publishing, marketing and selling your books. This is the real knowledge you need to become a successful self published author.

This is a weekly publication featuring one of our experts. The issue is not full  of ads, but has plenty of how-to info.


What will you find in our

 “Self Publishing Tips”  



Table of Contents


Selecting a Market      

Selecting a Subject      

Writing Your Book      

Deciding How to Self Publish Your Book...      

Selecting a Book Printer      

Selecting a Self Publishing Assistance Company